2017 – Another great Scouting year!


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To all members, parents and Scouting friends;

Over the next two months the Scouting year will draw to a close and we’re well into the camping season now. Our sections have been under canvas on a number of occasions over the last few weeks already and this weekend one of our Scout troops spent the weekend in Dundrum, Co. Tipperary while our 4 cub packs went to Fota Scout Centre.

It’s not over yet as there’s a few weeks to go before our sections take a break from their weekly meetings.

It’s been another huge year for the Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group. I want to say a massive congratulations to our Scout sections on their result in the Cork South Scout County Shield last month and best of luck to them as the Group sends a team to Stormont Castle in August to compete in the Phoenix National Camp-craft Competition.

Our Beaver and Cub Scouts have had a jam packed year also. It’s a huge credit to our volunteer adult members for giving up their time and helping to run a great program of events over the last number of months.

Our Venture Scouts still grow in numbers and under the leadership of Richard and Michael go from strength to strength and are a very active crew.

Our next big adventure for the Scouts and Venture Crew is 2 weeks in Gilwell Scout Centre near London in July.

Our sections cannot continue to run as successfully as they do without support from the parents of our members; thank you for encouraging your kids to come along to the weekly meetings and attending activities each month. A special thanks to the members of our Parents & Friends Committee who over the last 12 months have run various fund raising activities so that our facilities can be updated for our members.

On January 6th 2011 I was nominated and appointed as Group Leader of what was then the 6th/47th Douglas Scout Group and on August 22nd 2013 I was nominated and appointed as the first Group Leader of the then newly formed Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group.

Even though I was re-appointed last August I have decided to step aside over the summer break and the Group will then nominate another member of our leadership team to take the reigns and open a new chapter in the history of this fantastic Group that is Douglas & St. FinBarres.

I informed all of our Group Council members of my decision at our most recent council meeting on May 18th having discussed this with the Group Chairmen, Deputy Group Leader, Group Secretary and Group Treasurer a number of weeks ago.

This role has brought with it a few challenges but more importantly it has brought me great pride and joy and it is truly an honour to lead such a brilliant Group within Scouting Ireland.

I have served my time, along with members of the Group Council, by helping to guide and steer our Group through the initial stages of our merger in 2013 and have witnessed incredible growth in our membership. The merger is well and truly behind us at this stage, in 2015 we added the 93rd Cork to our Scouting Family and our membership continues to grow thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Scouters in offering a wide ranging and varied Scouting program to our youth members.

There are so many people I’d like to thank personally for their help and support during the last 6 years but I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has given me support, offered their guidance and helped me with various tasks in that time.

I am going to say a special thanks however to the youth members of our Group, a number of them who are now adults and still make me smile when I walk into a Scout meeting.

I will remain on as Group Leader for a short while yet and look forward to leading summer Camp 2017 in Gilwell and supporting our Group in the Phoenix in August. I will not be walking away from the Group when I step down and I will offer my assistance when it’s needed.

For now thank you for reading this post, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be the Group Leader and best wishes to whom ever the Group nominates.

Yours In Scouting


Conor Crowley
Outgoing Group Leader
Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group

Cub Camp Fota May 19th – 21st


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Venue: Fota Scout Centre
Travel Times:
  • Depart: Friday 19th meeting at Kent Train Station @ 1800
  • Return: Sunday 21st return to Kent Train Station @ 12.40

Cost: €30 per Cub – You can use the “Easy Payments System” to book cub places.

Accommodation: Tents

Each Cub should pack their own gear, so they know what they have and where it is.

Full and correct uniform to be worn when travelling

Gear List: Please ensure all gear is labelled with your cubs name.

  • A ruck sack big enough for all gear – extra bags get torn or left behind.
  • Sleeping bag, ground mat, travel pillow – standard pillows get dirty and damp.
  • Bivvy Bag or large empty strong refuse sack.
  • Rain gear – light coat and water proof pull-ups.
  • Warm Hat and Gloves.
  • Hiking Boots.
  • Runners.
  • Tea Towel / J-Cloth.
  • Cup / Plate / Bowl / Knife / Fork / Spoon.
  • Spare changes of warm old clothes for the weekend.
  • Warm PJs.
  • Wash gear – small towel, tooth brush / paste.
  • Personal first aid kit – for cubs with First Aid stage badges.
  • Empty water bottle.
  • Torch or headlamp with spare batteries.

Please DO NOT pack ANY electronic devices or bring any such devices on the weekend.

Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group and Leaders accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any electronic devices while away on camp.

County Cub Mt Melleray camp


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It’s happening on the 28th, 29th and 30th April.

The event theme is “The Caribbean”, so, each cub will need to bring a costume.

Depart: 5.15pm Frankfield church. Please Park cars on the left side of the car-park.

Return: (Time change)  Now 5.30pm Frankfield church. Watch Facebook for updates.

We will be travelling to and from Melleray in full uniform.

Cubs must have a good lunch on Friday before travelling.

Gear they’ll need…

  • A ruck sack big enough to carry all gear – extra bags nearly always get torn, left behind or both.
  • Caribbean themed costume.
  • Plain white (cheap) 100% cotton t-shirt – it’s being used at one of the events.
  • 500ml plastic disposable drinks bottle – it’s being used at one of the events.
  • Hiking Boots.
  • Rain gear – light coat and water proof pull-ups.
  • Hat and gloves.
  • Torch and extra batteries.
  • Personal first aid kit – for cubs with First Aid stage badges.
  • Sun lotion – no harm being optimistic!
  • PJs
  • Wash gear – small towel, tooth brush / paste.
  • A water bottle to use over the weekend.
  • Cup / Plate / Bowl / Knife / Fork / Spoon.
  • T-Towel / J-Cloth.
  • Trainers / indoor shoes.
  • Sleeping bag, ground mat, travel pillow – standard pillows just get dirty and damp.
  • Change of warm clothes for the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ensure all gear is well labelled with their name. We always find uniforms, clothes and other gear left behind.
  • Small day sack to carry their lunch and water in on Saturday.

The group will not take responsibility for any electronic equipment brought to or damaged while on camp and we ask that all such equipment should not be brought. All gear should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Beaver Camp 2017 – 22/23rd April


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Saturday 22nd: Meet at Kent Train Station at 09:30.
Sunday 23rd: Return to Kent Station on 12:40 train.

No uniform is needed this weekend, but neckerchief must be worn at all times.

Gear list for weekend

  • Water bottle
  • Raingear
  • Full change of clothes
  • Spare shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Torch
  • Cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon
  • Pyjamas
  • Wash gear with small towel
  • Hat and gloves

The group will not take responsibility for any electronic equipment brought to or damaged while on camp and we ask that all such equipment should not be brought. All gear should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Any issues or questions contact your section leaders.

Passport Information for Camp 2017


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Hi All!

We’re a little bit early, but if you have a chance, you might give the info needed below.

If you’re wondering about the EHIC card – while it’s necessary in most EU countries (and some others), it is NOT needed for the U.K.



Race Night in aid of our Group


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The Parents & Friends Committee are running with a Race Night in aid of our Group in Nemo Rangers Hurling & Football Club on May 12th.

We need your support!

How can you help?

For starters, this event is for adults only. As there is alcohol served in the Nemo Rangers complex this event is not suited to anyone under the age of 18.

We are selling the horses… we have great prizes for the winning horse owners of each race! It’s a great night, come along and support us.

Horses costs €20 each; just give the money, horse name and owners name to any section leader as soon as possible. Once they sell out we can’t sell any more!

We will have a raffle and an auction race on the night also. Plenty of spot prizes on offer; spread the word, tell your friends and family and join us. First race kicks off at 8pm


Camp 2017 – Important Update


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Hello everyone going on Camp 2017

We’ve been quiet about our upcoming camp for our Scouts & Ventures; there’s been a lot going on and still a lot more happening up to June in this Scouting Year but our thoughts are now primarily focusing on Camp 2017 – Gilwell Park, Chingford, London

Camp this year is costing €650 per Scout & Venture Scout; everyone who is going has paid their deposits and some people have paid installments as the weeks have been going along. We now require further funds to be paid up please as we are booking activities and have costs against the group.

By Monday 30th of April all those going should have paid up €500 with the final €150 due by the Wednesday 31st of May

If you’ve any issues please contact your Scout or Venture Scout leader at the next weekly meeting or by email.

Payments should where possible be made through the Easypaymentsplus system to allow instant receipts to be issued and ensure up to date funds are accounted for.

Camp 2017… 14 weeks to go!

Yours In Scouting, on behalf of the leadership team,

Conor Crowley
Group Leader – Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group

Destination for Camp 2017



Beaver Scout Overnight Camp – Fota Scout Centre. April 2017


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All four Beaver colonies from our Group will be attending an overnight camp at Fota Scout Centre on Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd April.

More details (gear list) will be sent out via email and posted here closer to the date but the basic information is as follows:

Saturday 22nd

  • 09:30 Meet at Kent Station and travel to Fota Scout Centre on the 10:00 train
  • Set up camp and activities throughout the day
  • Lunch & dinner provided
  • Camp overnight 

Sunday 23rd

  • Breakfast provided 
  • Activities throughout the morning 
  • Return to Kent Station at 12:40

Booking for the camp is only via the Easypaymentsplus system and the cost is €30 which includes all campsite fees, meals, travel etc, 

Easypaymentsplus booking will close on Friday April 14th

Yours In Scouting,

The Beaver Elders….

Cub County Hike Sunday, 2nd April


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The Cub County Hike is on this Sunday, 2nd April. We’re walking in the Killarney National Park. A place of ancient forests and more wildlife than you can shake a tent pole at. Tiny lizards you can sometimes see sunning on rocks, native Kerry cows, shy deer all over the place. We might be lucky and see the eagles that nest on the islands.

Departing: Frankfield church. Please drop off your cubs at 8.10am on the left side section of car-park.

Returning: Expect us back in Frankfield by 4pm. Keep an eye on Facebook for updates.

What must they have:

Sixers / Seconders only: Bring a small note book and pen.

1) A good breakfast before leaving home.

2) Boots or walking shoes.
Please no walking in trainers, they just soak up water like sponges. A wet cub is an unhappy cub!

3) Trainers and spare socks in a separate bag to change into for trip home, these can be left on the bus.

4) Rain coat and waterproof pull ups, even if the sun is out. Long range weather forecast is reasonable for the day, but that is changeable.

5) A good packed lunch with plenty of water.

6) Please don’t let your cub bring any tech eg phones. Leaders will not take responsibility for lost items.


St. Patrick’s Day 2017 – thank you


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On behalf of the Group and on behalf of the Parents & Friends Committee I wish to thank each and every one of our members and their families and friends who supported our recent cake sale on St. Patrick’s Day.

Thank you to the members of the wider community for their support in coming into the hall and buying the cakes that were so generously donated and made by our members.

The group raised a little over €1000 on the morning and this is a massive boost from previous years. This money will go towards  ongoing running costs of our hall.

I’d also like to thank the many members that attended the various religious services on St. Patrick’s morning along with those to helped our at the Civic reception in St. Fin barres Cathedral.

Your ongoing support to our Group is gratefully appreciated.

Yours In Scouting,

Conor Crowley

Group Leader