New Group Leader for Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group


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Following the announcement on May 18th last that Conor Crowley would step down over the summer months the Group Council tonight unanimously agreed that Eoin Field would be nominated for the position of Group Leader of the Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group and his details will now be forwarded to the National Commissioner (Adult Resources) of Scouting Ireland for approval.

Eoin joined the leadership team when he returned to Scouting after a few years break, to what was then the Douglas Scout Group, as an assistant Beaver Scout Leader back in 2012. He moved to Cubs after a year where he has run the 6th Cork Cub Scout pack ever since and was appointed Deputy Group Leader in 2016.

Eoin also is currently part of the team that is assisting the Scout Phoenix Patrol with their training and preparation for the National Campcraft Competition this weekend in Stormont Castle.

Coming from a Scouting background Eoin was a member of Blarney Cubs, Scouts & Ventures until he took a break at the age of 25. His father Pat Field is a former Unit Leader for Blarney are former Regional Commissioner. Eoins daughter Ella and son Jack are both members of the Group in Scouts and Cub Scouts.

The Group Council and the leadership team of all our sections wish him well in his new role and look forward to supporting him and helping him to lead Douglas & St. FinBarres into the future.

Consent Form 2017


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Hi all,
You can download a consent form that needs to be filled out for every youth member and handed back to their Leader immediately.

Consent Form 2017

You can fill it in and print it off yourself and bring it down to the next meeting.

Camp 2017 – The full report


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The daily blog didn’t take off as planned this year, three days in and it was abandoned. There was so much going on it just got left behind. Here’s the full report of daily life on Camp 2017. This report, along with a few pictures, will be published in the Evening Echo Scout notes next week.

42 youth members comprising of 24 Scouts and 18 Venture Scouts took part in the 2 week camping experience from July 1st to July 15th

Day one on camp was a early start with the first flight departing at 06:25 on the short flight from Cork to Stansted. From there a bus was arranged to bring us the journey of approx 45 minutes to the site itself. We got down to business straight away and started to build site, put up the tents and get ourselves sorted. The first day onsite was very warm and the early start showed so it was an early night for some. One of our Scouters, Enda Downey, led everyone on a walking tour of the site, having camped there a number of times before.

Our second day included a short hike into Chingford town so that the youth members could get some goodies and then activities onsite on day one were the Ariel Trek for the Scouts and the 3G Swing for the Venture Crew. That evening the Venture Crew went for a hike into the Epping Forest while the Scouts played onsite wide games. Day three for the Scouts was taking part in Frisbee Golf, skittles and bowels while the Venture Crew did a large pioneering project with our Rover Scouts for the site gate. That evening we headed into the forest for backwoods cooking and shelter building and made shelters to bivvy out in that night.

Day four brought the first of our Patrol Hikes. The 5 Patrols (2 Venture and 3 Scout) were given various locations to hike to and they went to visit Loughton, Waltham Abbey, Buckhurst Hill and Enfield. Some of the directions were described as ‘suspect’ but everyone arrived where they should have eventually! Day five on camp was onsite Gilwell activities again which were Bouldering and Jacobs Ladder for the Scouts while the Venture Crew were given Task Master challenges by the Scouters to complete followed by Freefall and Crate Staking activities in the evening

The first of two trips to London started on day six, we all travelled together by Tube into South Kensington and into the London Science Museum. While we queued we realised we weren’t the only Irish Scouts there but were joined by the 112th Dublin Knocklyon who were also on their summer camp. Our youth members spent most of the day in the Science Museum and took part in WonderLab which is an interactive gallery with cutting edge exhibits. A shorter visit to the Natural History Museum followed before we made our way back to site via the Tube and overground train.

Day 7 brought the first week to an end with a lazy day onsite, we all headed to Chingford Leisure Centre for a cool down in the pool. That evening our Scouts and some Scouters headed off North by minibus and car where they’d spend two nights in Abington Woods Outdoor Educational Centre up near Cambridge. Our Venture Crew and some Scouters remained onsite to take part in Gilwell 24 – a 24 hour activity experience for Scouts aged 15 to 18. While spending the weekend in Abington our Scouts were treated to a day trip to the fantastic Flying Legends Airshow at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford Airfield. It was incredible to see the aerobatic displays of the old war planes. The second night in Abington Woods ended with a takeaway treat after a brilliant Scout led campfire.

Day 10 was another scorcher of a day. The Scouts & Venture Crew took part in Desert Island Challenges during the morning then the Venture Crew went Bouldering onsite in Gilwell while the Scouts took part in Freefall and Tomahawk Throwing. Day 10 was also the day we had new neighbours onsite, the 29th Dublin, Blackrock arrived and we made new Scouting Friends.

Day 11 was the second day trip and the most exciting and jam packed on camp. We took in Covent Garden Market, Leicester Square for a visit to the Lego and M&M Store, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Regent Street and a visit to Hamleys Toy Store. By the time we got back to site the first and only rainny night on camp began so we splashed out and bought take away from a local in Chingford and relaxed. Day 12 was the second round of Patrol Hikes to the local towns of Loughton, Waltham Abbey and Enfield.

Day 13 everyone climbed onboard a coach and we spent the day in Chessington World of Adventure Theme Park & Resort. A huge hit with everyone. The final full day (day 14) on camp was with regret as we had to break site, took down our tents and moved to temporary tents onsite for the final night. The last night on camp ended with an epic campfire, lasting two and a half hours. Song after song after song from Scouters, Ventures and Scouts. It was brilliant.

The flight home on Day 15 had us back in Cork for just after 1:30 in the afternoon.

This years Camp wouldn’t have been as much of an experience without the incredible and legendary youth members that went along. The leadership team thank them all for their Scouting spirit and their parents should be really proud.

Pictures from Camp 2017


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Hi All,

Firstly, a huge thanks to everyone for making Camp 2017 the success that it was!  Take a big pat on the back!!!!

Secondly, we’ll be putting together pictures etc over the next while.

If you’d like to submit pictures, please use the link:

This is secure – the files will only be available directly to us.

At the moment, this site will only upload one file (picture) at a time.  You can, of course, upload your pictures individually, or if you like, you could zip them into one file & then upload that.

Come back with any queries,



Camp 2017 Blog – Day Three


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We all woke to a slightly grey but warm morning in Gilwell. Once everyone had had breakfast the scouts and Venture scouts split up for morning activities. The scouts were split into three groups for some Champ of Camp activities. This included a game of camp skittles, camp boules and frisbee golf. While the scouts were taking part in this, the Venture Scouts were given a challenge to build the gates for site. This resulted in two brilliant gates including a drawbridge gate. The weather changed for the better and it was a glorious day.

Following this we had lunch and enjoyed some free time. After lunch the Group were sent off on a backwoods challenge. They were sent into the woods to find a location to build a shelter in which they were going to spend the night. Once the shelters were completed and watertight (well reasonably water tight anyway 🙂) they were given the ingredients for dinner – foil packet stew with bread twists and nutella twists!

By now the sun was setting so the patrols settled down for the night in their shelters and fell asleep listening to the sounds of the nighttime wildlife!

Camp 2017 Blog – Day Two


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We got up at 9 o’clock and had breakfast and then hiked to the beautiful town of Chingford. Some of our scouts attended mass in town. The scouts and ventures enjoyed the first offsite trip. They were excited to buy souvenirs. We hiked back and arrived back at site at 1. 

We had lunch at at 2 and the patrols were split into various groups and sent off to activities including aerial trek and 3G swing. Later that evening we had dinner and each patrol set up there own fire for cooking. 

The ventures went for a short history hike around gilwell lead by Nick and Vickie Swanton and the scouts played a game of capture the flag for the evening. The view from Gilwell is spectacular as we can see the London eye and Big Ben from the site. All the scouts fell asleep early as they were tired from the long day. 

Mark Slattery

Camp 2017 Blog – Day One


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Day one draws to a close, it’s been a long day for many of us but as the Scouts turn in for the night it sure has been a memorable one.

Our day started at 0500 where the first group met in Cork Airport. The next Group met at 0830, both of the groups went through security and onto the flights without any holdups or delays and we want to thank the team at Cork Airport and Ryanair.

We arrived and our bus was waiting to take us to the site, we’re staying in the Essex Chase site within Gilwell. There’s a lot of other Scout, community and school groups from the UK onsite but heading home tomorrow (school isn’t out here yet) Today was mainly spent putting up our tents, including our grub and store tents. Enda led the group on a orientation tour of Gilwell itself and proved to be very interesting! 

The weather today has been lovely, very warm and plenty of sunshine to boost! We’ve plans for tomorrow which include our first Gilwell run activities in the afternoon plus much much more.

The staff here in Gilwell have been very helpful, this evening after dinner one of the staff called up and introduced himself, he’s Sean from 2nd Meath Trim and has been a volunteer staff member here since last September so promised ‘access all areas’ when it comes to activities over the next two weeks

Signing out for now, the site is getting quieter and a few of us leaders are just shooting the breeze about a great first day of Camp 2017


Camp 2017 – Update & Full Gear List


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Camp 2017 for our Scouts & Venture Crew is now less than 2 weeks away!

Next Wednesday night all those going will meet again at 19:00 for one hour, and continue to get to know each other, answer any last minute questions and gather all outstanding documentation

By next Wednesday night all Scouts and Venture Scouts should have done the following:

  • Paid in full the camp fee of €650
  • Submitted their passport details online using this link
  • Bring their passport down to the hall and leave it with the leaders for the airport check in
  • Handed up their STERLING camp bank money to the leaders. All Scouts & Venture Scouts must do this…
  • Bring down the signed parental consent form. If not already done it can be downloaded by clicking here

In addition the the gear list already handed out here is a more detailed list for those who require it

  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof leggings
  • 2 kneckerchiefs (optional if you wanted to swap with another Scout onsite from another troop. You must at all times however have a Douglas & St. FinBarres kneckerchief to wear)
  • Socks for two weeks
  • Underwear for two weeks
  • Shorts and t-shirts for two weeks
  • Trousers
  • Good walking/hiking boots – make sure you’ve worn them in, new boots are going to hurt you on your first hike!
  • Runners/Spare casual shoes
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Mat
  • Torch
  • Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl & Cup
  • 2 towels and a tea towel
  • Personal wash gear
  • Swimming Gear
  • Baseball hat
  • Good sun cream
  • Insect repellent
  • A small day bag

Any questions speak with us at the meeting on Wednesday night or email one of the section leaders

2nd Cork Scouts:
6th Cork Scouts:
47th Cork Scouts:
DSF Venture Crew:
Group Leader:

Camp 2017 – note re £5 notes….


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Hi All,

I’ve a confession to make – any time I’m in the UK, I never worry too much about having a few £’s in my pocket when I get home.  It’s very likely I’ll be there again before too long & I’ll use it then.  A lot of people are the same – you may be one of them.

If so, you may be planning to give some of the cash you have kept to your son / daughter when going to camp.

Just a quick note about “old” £5 notes.  These look like:


These notes are not being accepted by any shops or businesses since 5th May 2017.


Because of this, we will NOT be accepting those old £5 notes into camp bank.  Also, please don’t give them to them to bring – it’ll only lead to disappointment as they won’t be able to spend them.

You can read more about this at:  Daily Telegraph Old £5 Note

Just for interest, the new (valid) £5 note looks like:





As ever, give us a call with any queries…


Cubs Chief Scout Award (CSA) Hike Plan


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Who: For the 3rd and final year cubs working on their CSA.

When: Saturday 10th June

From: We leave the Scout Hall @ 8.45am

Return: Back at Scout Hall by 5 or 6pm. We’ll update you by Facebook, WhatsApp group and/or text.

Route: Seven Heads OSI Map #89 / #87  Click link for Seven Heads info

Gear needed:

  • Necker
  • Rain gear: Light rain coat and pull ups.
  • Comfortable back pack is important as distance covered will be at least 20km. (25Ltr bag is big enough)
  • Sun hat, sun lotion & insect repellent is a must.
  • Footwear: Ground will be varied so sturdy walking shoes or boots are a must have.
  • Change of clothes in a separate bag, just in case, can be left in car.
  • Cubs can travel wearing their trainers and change into boots at start of hike.
  • Food: Have a good breakfast. Bring healthy packed lunch and plenty of water + bag of Tayto crisps (good for replacing lost salts on hikes).
  • Please no fizzy drinks, they are dead weight to carry and give a false energy boost.
  • Bivvi bag or large plastic bin bag (to sit on during breaks).
  • Whistle, compass and cubs personal 1st aid kit.

No shorts, only long trousers to be worn.

Some parents are helping with transport on the day, so please do offer if you’re free.

You’re also very welcome to join your cub on the hike.

If you have any questions please do contact your cubs leader.