47th Scouts activities over coming months.


Posted by Andrew Breslin | Posted in 47th Scouts | Posted on 12-09-2017

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be concentrating on improving scouting skills to help make your Scouter more self reliant.

Of course it’s very important that they also have the obligatory fun and games thrown in for good measure. So, in conjunction with the other scout sections we’ll also work on some  fun adventure skill badge activities, such as visiting the Air Activity centre in Shannon and kayaking.

As part of their learning new skills for badge work, from time to time we may have small projects for them to complete at home. These won’t be time consuming, but, will aid their personal development in various areas.

Here’s a list of the activities they’ll be attending over the coming months.

Date Event
06/10/2017 Parent Info Night
08/10/2017 Family Quiz R.P.H
14/10/2017 Mangerton Hike Killarney – Navigation + Compass work + Cookup – Cost €5
27/10/2017 School Break / Bank Holiday No Meeting
03/11/2017 Regular meeting
10/11/2017 Cancelled Spraoi Mt Meleray
19/11/2017  Investiture + hike with the 2nd & 6th Scout sections – Gougane Barra
06/11/2017 Gift Giving – Full Uniform / Black Shoes / Black Socks Hosted by Doyle Rd Group
15/11/2017 Hall Overnight & social event with all scout sections – Cost €10
12/01/2018 1st meeting of New Year – Full Uniform
13/01/2018 Overnight Camp with 2nd Scouts – Cost etc TBC
20/01/2018 Hike with the 6th Scout section – Cost etc TBC
26/01/2018 Mt Melleray Group weekend – Cost €60
23/02/2018 County Spraoi weekend – Cost TBC
17/03/2018 St Patricks Day – Flag Colour Party & Cake sale
Apr-2018 Expedition – Date, Location and activity TBC
11/05/2018 County Shield – (3 days 2 nights) Location and Cost TBC
End July 18 Scout Camp – Stradbally (7 days) €50 deposit now due.
Note: Our outdoor activity locations and dates are subject to change depending on weather.

You’ve probably read about our other scout sections attending various scouting challenges (Sionnach, Scout Survivor and MPCs). These are great events where scouts can apply all of the skills they’ve learned while also getting an opportunity to meet and mix with scouts from all over the country. It would be great if our 47th Scouts could attend these, but, unfortunately due to the age profile at the moment the majority are not eligible. At our next meeting we will speak with the scouts that are eligible

Finally, it’s very important that we have a registration / permissions form on file for your scout. If you’ve not completed one yet, we’d appreciate if you’d drop into our next meeting and complete one for us.

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