Camp 2016 – Saturday & Sunday


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Blog posting by Ciara B. & Shane K.

We arrived early Saturday morning and were split into our rooms. We put everything in them, sorted the beds, and then had a meeting in the dining room. We were told about duty patrols and the ventures went first in preparing the tables and serving breakfast. After breakfast, we had free time to sort ourselves out and have a nap after the long travel. We then went on a tour of the village so we knew where everything was. We were sent inside to have lunch and get bags ready for the first activity. We went to an amazing swimming pool for the afternoon. There was a massive slide and a salt water pool as well as the main pool. We spent two hours there and then returned back to the hostel for dinner. After dinner (prepared and served by the duty patrol). After dinner,we went to bed as we had to be up quite early in the morning.

We did our usual routine, got up, had breakfast and got on the bus.Once we got there it was straight to business we got off the bus and started heading up the Everest shaped mountain, the trip was long and roasting at first until we stopped and split, the ventures went up further to one of the peaks and the scouts stopped and went back to the bus after a while.The walk to the peak was strenuous but we were all incredibly relieved once we got to the peak and the trip back was a lot easier than the way up

Addition by Conor Crowley – Group Leader

Just to add to the fine reporting by the Scout & Venture Scout above…

On Sunday July 3rd we headed off to the town of Bach and parked the bus at Jöchlspitz where we got chair lifts up the side of the huge mountain, incredible views of the Lechtal valley and its surrounds. The Scouts, Ventures and some Scouters then headed off up the Mountain and once they reached a summit them descended on foot. A huge achievement for a lot of of younger youth members.

As an added bonus then on the way home we brought everyone to WallyBlitz, Coaster Elbigenalp; a coaster that you sit into and are dragged by cable to the top of the mountain and then you’re let go and down you go! It sounds as good as you think.

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Great the blog is up and running. It sounds like an amazing trip! All the photos on Facebook are brilliant! Enjoy yourselves😄

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