Camp 2017 Blog – Day One


Posted by Admin | Posted in Camp 2017 | Posted on 01-07-2017

Day one draws to a close, it’s been a long day for many of us but as the Scouts turn in for the night it sure has been a memorable one.

Our day started at 0500 where the first group met in Cork Airport. The next Group met at 0830, both of the groups went through security and onto the flights without any holdups or delays and we want to thank the team at Cork Airport and Ryanair.

We arrived and our bus was waiting to take us to the site, we’re staying in the Essex Chase site within Gilwell. There’s a lot of other Scout, community and school groups from the UK onsite but heading home tomorrow (school isn’t out here yet) Today was mainly spent putting up our tents, including our grub and store tents. Enda led the group on a orientation tour of Gilwell itself and proved to be very interesting! 

The weather today has been lovely, very warm and plenty of sunshine to boost! We’ve plans for tomorrow which include our first Gilwell run activities in the afternoon plus much much more.

The staff here in Gilwell have been very helpful, this evening after dinner one of the staff called up and introduced himself, he’s Sean from 2nd Meath Trim and has been a volunteer staff member here since last September so promised ‘access all areas’ when it comes to activities over the next two weeks

Signing out for now, the site is getting quieter and a few of us leaders are just shooting the breeze about a great first day of Camp 2017


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