Camp 2017 Blog – Day Two


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We got up at 9 o’clock and had breakfast and then hiked to the beautiful town of Chingford. Some of our scouts attended mass in town. The scouts and ventures enjoyed the first offsite trip. They were excited to buy souvenirs. We hiked back and arrived back at site at 1. 

We had lunch at at 2 and the patrols were split into various groups and sent off to activities including aerial trek and 3G swing. Later that evening we had dinner and each patrol set up there own fire for cooking. 

The ventures went for a short history hike around gilwell lead by Nick and Vickie Swanton and the scouts played a game of capture the flag for the evening. The view from Gilwell is spectacular as we can see the London eye and Big Ben from the site. All the scouts fell asleep early as they were tired from the long day. 

Mark Slattery

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