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In just 5 weeks time our Scouts, Venture Scouts and Scouters will be heading off on Camp 2017 to Gilwell Scout Campsite and activity centre near Epping Forest, close to Chingford, London.

We are really looking forward to it and hope you are too! Here is an update on what’s happening;

  • Travel – IMPORTANT
    We are flying out from Cork Airport to London Stansted on July 1st and flying home from Stansted on July 15th. We are departing Cork over the course of two flights approx 4 hours apart but we are all flying home two weeks later on the same flight. The majority of the group will go on the first flight and the remainder on the next flight. Don’t worry if you’re on the second flight, you won’t miss out on any activity!! On July 1st FR902 departs at 06:25 and FR909 departs at 10:15 and on July 15th FR908 gets us all back in Cork at 13:35
  • Passport Information – IMPORTANT
    We have already asked for everyone’s passport information. This is needed for flight check-in; Please submit the details using the online form made available in a previous post on our website.
  • Consent forms – IMPORTANT
    Update: The Camp 2017 consent form is now available to download on this site. This must be signed by parent/guardian of each youth member in attendance and handed up to the leadership team by Wednesday 21st at the very latest.
  • Spending Money – IMPORTANT
    We operate a Camp Bank during our summer camps. All youth members will hand up their spending money before we head away. Spending money MUST be in STERLING. Over the course of camp the Scouts and Ventures will be allocated their own money during days out & when deemed necessary.
    This is to ensure a) Scouts & Venture Scouts don’t loose their money and b) Scouts & Venture Scouts don’t spend it all at once!
    This service is not optional and all youth members must hand up their spending money by Wednesday 21st at the latest. The spending money MUST be in STERLING.
    We will not take Euro currency as spending money
  • Personal Gear
    Personal gear will be packed on Thursday June 29th into a van and will be taken by ferry to Gilwell. This means that people will not have to carry luggage on the plane with them. All personal gear should and must fit in a suitable camping rucksack, should include your sleeping bag (can be tied onto your rucksack as tidily as possible) and enough changes of clothes for two weeks.
    Carry on gear on the plane is very limited and should therefore, where possible, be avoided. Remember Airport rules are very strict and will limit a number of items.  The details of hand luggage can be found at:
  • Troop Gear
    All our troop gear (tents, equipment etc) will be transported separately  before hand and will be onsite in Gilwell when we arrive.
  • Meetings before camp
    As the weekly section meetings draw to a close for this Scouting year we’ll move to meet with everyone going on camp on a weekly basis in the run up to camp itself. Meeting on Wednesday nights from 19:00 on June 14th, 21st and 28th.
  • Activities during camp
    Activities during camp are going to be varied and will include a mix of rope, water and ground activities. We have engaged with Gilwell on a daily programme. We will of course have our own self lead activities including patrol hikes and of course a big day out!
    More details as camp progresses!!!
  • Expensive items/mobile devices
    We are camping for the 2 weeks; There are NO charging facilities in Gilwell. We are in a camping field.
    There will NOT be an opportunity to plug a mobile phone in while we are onsite.
    If a Scout or Venture Scout brings a mobile phone/iPad or other mobile device with them on camp please note the following: The Group takes NO responsibility for any loss or damage caused to a device while we are travelling, while we are away onsite or on an activity. The Scouters (leaders) will NOT mind, look after, charge or hold onto such items while we are travelling, while we are away onsite or on an activity.
    Please understand that any Scout or Venture Scout using such a device while onsite in Gilwell or on an activity may have it confiscated and returned to them only when we arrive back from camp. It is therefore preferable that Scouts & Venture Scouts do not bring mobile phones/iPads or other mobile devices with them on Camp.
    Having said all of this we know people will completely ignore this message so please don’t get annoyed with us if your son/daughter comes home without their mobile device or with it broken…
  • While we’re away
    While we are away we will from time to time, when activities allow and we have coverage, update this website with a Camp 2017 blog. This will give people at home, parents and everyone else, a sense of what is happening on our 2 week adventure.
  • Emergency contact
    In the event of an emergency only and a parent needs make contact with us you can first of all ring Gilwell Scout Centre directly on 00 44 20 8181 3151 or try ring the Group Leader, Conor Crowley, on 087 2053671 (mobile phone will not always be to hand so please leave a message). Please help us by understanding that our numbers on camp are increasing every year, and we really don’t have time for general “how’re things going” phone calls!

We will provide a detailed gear list in the next few days and when we meet up starting on Wednesday 14th we will finalise any items we need too. For now however it is important that you submit your son/daughters passport information.

If your child has any medical conditions that the Scouters need to know off then please speak, in confidence with the Group Leader Conor Crowley, or email him at: or speak with any of the Scout Leaders and we will deal with you directly.

If your child has any serious food allergies that the Scouters need to know off then please speak with us, again in confidence, and we can deal with that.

We will cater for those Scouts/Ventures that are vegetarian but please make sure we know BEFORE we go that you are one…

For now that’s all. We will have more regular updates over the next 5 weeks. If you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting your section leader directly

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6th Cork Scouts
47th Cork Scouts
Venture Crew

Come back to me with any queries,


Yours In Scouting

Conor Crowley
Group Leader & Camp Chief 2017

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