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Hi Everybody,

Can we ask for a quick favour?  It will take you less than two minutes, and will cost you…. NOTHING.

Throughout the years, Douglas have camped many many times with our great friends at Silver Cross Campsite, outside Swansea.  Currently they’re developing improved facilities for people with disabilities.  This will cost a lot, and one of their initiatives is applying to Lloyds Banks community grant scheme.

They need your votes!

Please go to:  LLoyds Bank Community Grants – Silver Cross and vote for them NOW!!

They really need it, they really deserve it – and we’d really love you to!

Thanks to all,


Well Done Hannah!


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Hi All,

We nearly missed this one!!!

Anyone in Silver Cross last year will remember Hannah.  To be fair – how could we forget her!! ;-)

Just found the link below that Hannah has been awarded her Gold Chief Scouts award.  This is a really huge honour for her – and hugely deserved too!

Certainly can’t have been our good influence anyhow!!!



After Camp Gathering!!!


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Hey everyone!!!

Well its hard to believe that this time two weeks ago we were on our first day out to the Big Pit! And last week our Explorer scouts and Rover Scouts were on patrol hikes while the Venture scouts were on their way back from their surprise bivvy! I hope everyone had as an amazing time as I did!

First of all I just want to express huge thanks to Enda!!! Without you camp could not have happened!!! So thank you for everything you did for us on camp and for everything you do during the year!!! You really are a legend in many terms!!! Thank you!!!

Don’t forget we are meeting up on Friday 23rd at 7.30pm for our traditional after camp meeting. This meeting gives everyone a chance to meet up and look at photos from camp. If you have any photo’s from camp feel free to bring them with you.


If you were the scribe for your patrol on camp please bring your log down as we still need to mark them for the logbook competition!

See you Friday hopefully!


Some of the group on the Julia

Saturday 17th July – it’s all history… ;-(


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Well folks,

Camp is now officially over!

We’re home, and happy & sad about that.

What can I say about camp 2010?  It WAS great!  Lots of little things made it so, most particularly the people involved.

A huge thank you goes to all.

To our Scouts, Venture Scouts & Rover Scouts.  Your attitude & responses throughout camp were superb.  Any concerns we had in advance of camp, just faded away while we were there.

To the leaders there…. Nick, Wendy, Vickie, Darran, Mary, Niamh, Sarah, Conor, Stephen, Sean.  You people rock! From the bottom of my heart (or rucsac at least!), thank you so so much.

To Andy, Chris, Julie, Hannah & Amber.  You folk just rock.  Scouting is often a thankless task – let it not be so today!  Thank you – for everything you did for us, but most importantly for your friendship.

Thanks to Steve and all the gang in breakout adventures.  You gave our people a chance to try out things that they’ve never done before – and in a fun & friendly way.

They’ll probably never see this, but thanks to Clive, Roy & all in Days Rentals.  Proof that to do business can be friendly as well as efficient.  You deserve to be as successful as you are.

To all the group council back home, and to all those who for whatever reason couldn’t attend camp but supported us all the way – thanks again.

Now, the brain is tired, it’s time for some sleep!  Check back, pictures will be added / updated in the near future.

Thanks again, regards to all,


Friday 16th July


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Quick hello,

The last few days have been busy with rain and packing. Oakwood happened yesterday, and today we took down the wet site. Everyone is right now walking from the LC2 to the ferry port in their uniform where camp nearly comes to an end. We will go back and post about the last few days, but a poem from one of our Venture Scouts that she read at our final campfire last night will have to do while you wait for your Scouts to return home.

We get in at 7AM in the morning, so don’t forget to collect everyone!

See you then!

Thursday 15th July – Oakwood


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Oakwood was, well, Oakwood!  A very good theme park, which even when busy, doesn’t have the HUGE queues you see elsewhere.

You don’t need me to tell you about a theme park!

We got there by the bus we had throughout camp, ably assisted by 3 other 9 seater transits, piloted by Darran, Niamh & Nick.

Any rumours that I ran out of Diesel are GROSSLY exaggerated.  We actually just pulled in on the side of the road to admire the wonderful flora & fauna visible there…

Thursday 15th July – Evelyn


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Guest Poem by Evelyn
Waves always crash in groups against the cliff that stands alone.

475 euro just to go,
12 other people I got to know.

14 days of endless fun,
6 days of those deprived of sun.

65 litre rucksack placed on my back,
5 rover scouts just waiting to attack.

3 tents keeping us dry and warm,
14 explorers that felt like a bee swarm.

13 fires that have turned to ash,
180 pounds was my limit of my spending cash.

2 trips to the hospital when we were sick,
0 choice in dinner, we did not get to pick.

8 leaders that seemed to rule the land,
2 trips to the beach, sea and sand.

12 nights of sleeping on a sheet of foam,
1 girl who has found her second home.

475 euro just to go,
But only 2 days remain
39 people who became my second family,
And 1 million thank you’s to them as my
life will never be the same

By Evelyn Murphy – 2010

Wednesday 14th July


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Just to fill in the details for today…….


After a fairly hectic day yesterday, today people were tired….

We had lots of things on today.  Our Venture Scouts & our Scout P.L.’s went for the morning to Swansea. (Well they do deserve a bit of a treat!).

The rest of the Scouts went to a restaraunt in Swansea for lunch.  Lots of chips & other “healthy foods” were consumed.  People seemed happy!

After that, they went to Swansea shopping to buy things for the Competition Dinner that the patrols were cooking.  Suffice to say, everyone survived the experience.  (The dinner that is – shopping is rarely that dangerous an occupation).

The Venture Scouts did come back later.  (We obviously didn’t move site quickly enough – they found us).
More anon,


Tuesday 13th July


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Today was our high activity day of camp. We travelled with an activity speciality company to the Gower coast where we were split into two groups, venture and explored scouts.

Half took part in a day of surfing and playing on the beach and in the water. The others were taken to another part of the coast where they explored the rocks, rock climbed, bouldered and absailed. Only one person fell in, and that Rover scout will remain nameless. Everyone has a great time and there are some budding surfers in the group now!!

When we got back, among other things we had the “Tesco Value Awards” – primarily based among eating (1) dry cream crackers, (2) lemons – skins ‘n all (3) Blue Stilton cheese…..

With everyone so tired after their day of activity most sat around a smouldering campfire relaxing until it was time for bed.

Weatherwise, it was quite a nice and dry day until the explorer scouts started to change out of their wetsuits and head home. It then bucketed down until the just after dinner was finished.

That’s it for today, camp is coming to an end quite fast and we are just trying to fit everything in before it ends! Tomorrow is another day! Pictures will follow, but not this week! :-)

Just wondering, did anyone ever notice how like Mick Jagger Danny is?

Monday 12th July


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Well today was a little bit different – for some of our members anyhow!

Our Venture Scouts (must remember to stop calling them Discovery Scouts now!) had been looking for adventure.  We think today they might have just gotten some!

Last night, everyone was in bed at about 11:45pm.  And asleep.  Looking forward to 8 or so blissful hours – that in some cases were not to be!

At about 12:30, our Venture Scouts were rudely awoken.  Given a list of gear they needed and brought to the bus.  From here there was a drive to another Scout campsite – near Gower – (but they were not to know this).

Armed with the minimum of equipment, they were left there to build shelters, and “bivvy” for the night.  (Bivvying is essentially where you camp “out” with the minimum of equipment.

But enough about that for now…..

For the rest, today was a patrol hike day.  Our Explorer patrols went on patrol hikes today, assisted by our ever eager Rover Scouts.  2 relatively short hikes – one to the Reservoir and one to Gorseinon, a nearby town.  During this hike they carried out some simple projects – and just enjoyed being out for the day – on a really great day!

As ever, the leaders were taking a drive about, checking that all was going okay, when to OUR surprise, we found, not our Explorer Scouts but our Venture Scouts in Gorseinon.  They had hiked back, after getting what seems to have been a great nights sleep, relatively under the stars.  We’ re very proud of them – but then and again, we’re used to their abilities & attitudes and to be honest, expect no less at this stage.  What a great bunch!

Back on site now, dinner is being finished, and there are some on site activities tonight – likely to include rounders!  (Or conflict as Darran calls it – he’s probably right!).

Starting to get depressed now with how close to the end of camp we are.  But hey!  A few great days to come yet!

We didn’t get many pictures today (that I’ve seen anyhow) but somebody took the picture below recently – and I think we all should keep it in mind!