Gear still to be collected…


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The remainder of the sleeping bags etc that came back from Gilwell can be collected Saturday 20th next between 12 and 4 where the leaders will be in the hall finishing up the big clean before the sections start meeting again in September. The hall has been closed up for this Saturday.

Collect your sleeping bag and help us un-pack and tidy away after camp too…


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Hello again folks,

The new scouting year is almost upon us and the John Slye Scout Hall is getting ready for it’s weekly meetings; the 100 plus scouts that will be using it several nights a week and at other times for activities.

The gear from camp has been shipped back and on Saturday August 13th those who went on Camp2011 are asked to come down and collect their sleeping bags/overnight gear that was shipped back along with the troop gear between midday and 4pm.

Your leaders and members of the Group Council will be giving up their free time over the course of that weekend also to pack away the gear from camp, ensure the tents are stored correctly and get the hall back into shape and ready for Scouting 2011/2012

If you can spare a few hours to give us a hand with gear and general clean up of the hall it would be very much appreciated. Those Ventures and Scouts who went on camp are asked to chip in. Even those who didn’t go on camp including the families of our Cubs and Beavers who can spare some time are asked to join in.

Get in touch with your section leader and let us know if you can come along at some stage over the weekend of August 12th, 13th & 14th. Your Leaders are giving up their time and would be a great way to start of the new scouting year with some scouting spirit.

Yours In Scouting,

Conor Crowley
Group Leader

Post Camp Meeting…. IMPORTANT


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Hi All,

As is well tradition, we’re meeting up on Wednesday night this week  (20th July) at 7pm for about an hour.

This will be a very casual meeting, to chat, share memories & lots of photographs!!!!  Bring them along if you have them.

All are welcome.  If you’re reading this and you WEREN’T at camp – still please come along!  We’d love to see you there & share some of the happenings.


Talk to you then,




Now it’s REALLY all over!!!!


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Well we’re all back home – camp once again has ended – washing machines are running overtime!

Thanks to all who were involved.  To the Scouts & Ventures who were there & helped expand their Scouting Experience just a little bit more.

In particular, to the other leaders, including the Rovers, who were just brilliant.  Nothing was ever an imposition to them.

To Billy & Margaret & all those at home who helped along the way but couldn’t be there.

To Veronica Brennan – one of our registered leaders!  (And, I suppose to her husband Johnny too!!! ;-)

To our Group leader Conor, who as ever contributed in it own (VERY) unique way:

Camp 2011 was certainly a good camp.  It was hotter & drier than we’ve had in a few years now.  (Despite the fact that as usual some of the camps came down wet – ah well!!)

Among the things that we did on camp were:

  • Lot’s of patrol cooking on fires
  • Lot’s of games, soccer, wide games, tip the can, rounders etc
  • Gilwell activities including climbing, leap of faith, zip wire, rotating wall, crate stacking, high ropes, raft building.
  • Ventures took part in Gilwell 24 along with about 2,500 venture scouts from around Britain & further
  • Scouts went to see Duxford air museum & also a “Flying legends” air show including spitfires, Lancaster’s etc.
  • Patrol Hikes
  • Open Top Bus tour of London
  • River Tour along the Thames
  • Science Museum
  • Shopping opportunities in London
  • Hamleys
  • Harrods
  • Camden Market
  • Day out in Thorpe Park

and at all that – I reckon I’m forgetting loads!

Most importantly to everyone I’m forgetting.  THANK YOU.  Just ’cause I’m tired right now – doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for all your help.



July 2011.

Saturday 16th July – Day 15


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Contrary to what our Glorious Group Leader said in the previous post, it did not all come to an end just because he left us! We woke up early this morning to a wet site. It has become tradition in Douglas to drop the tents in the rain and this year we were lucky that it rained the previous night and continued to drizzle. Tradition lives on for one more year!

One thing this morning highlighted was the real hard core Scouts among us, who despite packing their main bag yesterday in the roasting sunshine and heat still felt the need to keep their rain gear for their carry on bags! The Scout Motto: Be Prepared! It paid off this morning.

It was all hands on deck to drop the remaining tents and pack them into their bags. Not an easy task with the added challenge of packing the water along with the tents. But in about 1.5 hour everything was pretty much down and it was the final clean up of the site.

The Scouts headed off to look for a Scouts Own that was being run by Gilwell, but it seems the wet morning dampened their spirits as nobody showed up!

The gear was moved to the Car Park for collection and I began the task of ferrying people to the train station. Four trips later and I handed the keys back to the rental company and hopped in a taxi with 15 minutes to spare before the train arrived. After one quick change we were at the Airport. The usual security and shopping followed and most patrols managed to stay together.

The flight was quick for everyone, as I took a look around half way through and everyone was either asleep or catching up on some reading. It was a bumpy landing in Cork, and you know the rest.

As this is the last post for Camp 2011, we collected a few pictures during the two weeks of people asleep in various places. Enda will claim he just had his eyes closed.

Just to confirm….


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We’ll be back at Cork Airport at 6:30pm on Saturday 16th July.

Friday July 15th – Day 14 – It’s all come to an end…


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As I type this, sitting here in Pembrooke Dock I have no doubt of the excellent memories that have been stored on the
minds of the 13 Scouts and 10 Ventures left behind in Gilwell tonight… With a load of leaders looking after them!!

This morning on site was a little different, following a relaxing night with a few games of frisbe and kick around with soccer ball it was up around 9am for breakfast followed by the beginning of the end, time to break site, well most of it, down came the gates, gadgets, store tent, some leaders sleeping tents and along with all the personal gear into the waiting van. Activities for the scouts after lunch as ladder climbing and for the ventures was raft building and both groups really enjoyed them. Time in the shop for some last minute souvenirs and back to site. Swimming pool time was booked for 6:30 followed by dinner and the last campfire to close out Camp 2011.

See you all at the airport on Saturday evening!!!!

Thursday 14th July – Day 13


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Today we took the Scouts on a long drive around the site and dropped them off at the back to demonstrate some of the advanced pioneering that the Leaders carried out during the night; Fully working rollercoasters, flume rides and much much more. Some claim that it was just Thrope Park but us Leaders are just that good at pioneering projects.

An excellent time was had by all despite the crowds and long queues. Many stuffed animals were won by the Leaders at the various carnival games around the park.

After a long day we returned to site for a quick dinner and some games of Frisbee and throwing a ball around to wind down the evening. An excellent day was had by all.

Wednesday 13th July – Day 12


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Well today was another fun and long onsite day and we had pretty nice weather yet again!! The morning started with breakfast and inspection for everyone as per usual! This was followed by a morning activity provided by Gilwell. These were Trampolining/Aeroball and the Revolving Climbing Wall. These were self-supervised activities so myself and two of the other Rovers, DOD and Ross were put in charge of running them! From the feedback from both scouts and venture scouts I believe that the revolving climbing wall “was class”! After the activities finished we headed back to site for a nice lunch of bread and spaghetti.

Following lunch the patrols took part in the first half of Champ of Camp. This included two races, one forwards and one backwards and 5 bases: code breaking, a quiz, rugby ball kicking, frisbee throwing and Guess the leaders ages and combined age! Some of the scouts and venturers may want to watch their backs after some of the ages they guessed! ;-) This was then followed by more Gilwell activities. The venture scouts headed to the zipwire which the scouts did yesterday! Everyone had great fun having a go and some of the ventures and rover scouts even went down it blindfolded. While this was happening the scouts were over at the Leap of Faith! This involved climbing a wobbly pole up to a small square platform. Once at the platform you then had to get to your feet which was a lot harder than it sounds. Once they were standing the scouts then had to jump and make a leap of faith and try to catch ahold of the static trapeze in front of them!  From where I stood safely on the ground it looked terrifying so I was really impressed with everyone who did it! A number of the scouts and Niamh managed to grab the trapeze and the others were very close.

After these activities finished everyone headed back to site for the traditional Competition dinner! This year instead of each patrol picking their own ingredients the patrols were all given the same ingredients and given the challenge of cooking a starter, main course and dessert with them! The ingredients provided included garlic bread, mince, carrots, potatoes, cooking apples and custard. Each patrol was judged on this dinner by 4 judges: the Group Leader himself, Conor and myself, DOD and Ross who he chose as his co-judges! This made our dinner very interesting tonight as we had two starters followed by some of Nick’s Extra Hot curry which was the leader’s dinner that night. Half way through eating our actual dinner we had to try a main course followed by another starter. Then some of us finished our curry while we had the chance. After this we had the rest of the courses in the order of main course, starter, main course, dessert, desert, desert, main course, desert! Personally I was stuffed after this and was lucky I could taste anything after the curry! The standard of the food from the different patrols was very good though and some quite tasty! The also managed to come up with many different varieties of dishes with the same ingredients! After this everyone relaxed and headed to bed looking forward to their “onsite activities” the next day!

Tuesday 12th July – Day 11


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Scout Blog by Mark:

Patrol Hike 2.0

We got up to the call of Nick at around 7 o’clock. The first thing I noticed was the distanced lack of shouts and calls of the ventures. I guessed that they were dumped somewhere completely random and told to get back to site as the same thing happened in Silver Cross (so original). Breakfast was the usual flavourless soggy ‘cereal’ that left me more hungry than before I had it.

Anyway, we soon learnt that we were going on the second patrol hike of camp (and the last hopefully!) Unlike the first one, Enda did not drop us off at a chosen place. (I’m guessing it’s because our patrol got lost briefly on the way back to site on the last hike, or, maybe they’re just too lazy!)

Jack ‘Diggy’ Dignam, our P.L., told us we were going to Loughton (the one with the big Sainsbury AND Subway!) We walked all the way to Chingford (the town/village nearest to us). Nick gave us vague directions to Loughton (but we resisted going on the bus to Loughton, yay, for our honesty!) ‘Surprisingly we got lost right after leaving Chingford be we came across a lady who had a map of Epping Forrest, Chingford and Loughton so we just used the map which took us through the forest. Once we got to Loughton we headed straight towards the library (Guess why?… Erm, the Internet! Duh!) Jack & Paul went into it and were gone for around half an hour and came back with some ‘interesting’ facts about Loughton.

The rest of the time in Loughton was uneventful except Krzysztofs bag flooded with Sprite. We headed back about 2:30pm as Nick gave us a strict ‘Be back for time’ which was 3:50pm, no earlier or no later. We came back through the forest after getting lost twice. We got back at exactly 3:50pm (according to my watch anyway).

Nick told us we had 30 minutes until ‘mystery activity’ (the leaders think the surprise makes it fun, wrong!) Turns out it was a Zip line! (I’ve personally gone on a fair few so I wasn’t scared) Cian Barry went on the Zip line first (he told me to say he wasn’t scared but I beg to differ!) The harness was extremely uncomfortable, but the rush you got from jumping off was worth it. Eric Hyland was the only one to hesitate.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken (I cooked it). It was OK as everything was Sainsbury’s Basics (English equivalent to Tesco Value) but the fire was amazingly hot so it was a good dinner.

Venture Blog by David, Shane & Ciara:

Oh joy of joys, today the ventures got woken up at midnight by Conor and Enda, just saying, there will be repercussions for them. We got driven to Abington to a Scout field; it was about an hour drive from the site, which apparently wasn’t long enough.

Arriving at the site the Ventures were greeted with a field surrounded by darkness. Armed with only their flashlights they found suitable ground for sleeping and successfully started a fire. Before bed a game of FIREBALL was played. After waking up at 12 the next day the Ventures set out for a long day.

We decided to head towards Cambridge for our hike. We hiked for about 3 hours to Cambridge which is full of people on bikes. We stopped for food at pizza hut… it was class. Danny, Ciara and David decided to head to the train station while the others finished their food, to check train times for getting home. Ciara was on the phone to Kevin for the walk… Hi Kevin! Ends up we could get home by half 7 for £94… as long as we were all 15… cough cough. Firstly we got the train to Finsbury Park. From there we got a Tube to Walthamstow Central and finally got our last train to Chingford from where we hiked to our campsite.

That brings us up to date and I think that it’s safe to say that after a hot shower we all feel a little better than when we set off… Also Happy Birthday Tom :-) (From David) And even though it is not their birthdays Hello Michael and Pamela from Shane and Ciara’s family from Ciara :-) Bye bye for now.