Pic’s of Camp 2012


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As promised – pic’s of Camp 2012….  Enjoy!




It’s all over now….. ;-)


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Hi All,

It’s all over now…  Camp 2012 is no more.

We WILL have photos up before too long, but not just tonight.  Shower & bed is calling before work tomorrow :-(

This is really a quick post to thank everyone for making camp 2012 what it was.

The Scouts & Ventures – thanks so much.  Nearly all of you gave 110% & thanks for that.

To all the Scouters on camp, Vickie, Conor, Mary, Peter, Brian, Richard, Gavin, for all the time you gave us – thank you so so much.

To Wendy, Nick, Cian – you are all legends.  I really mean that.  It was a total privelege to work with you guys on camp – and it could not have happened without you all.

To Donall & Trevor (the campsite people!), thank you so much.  Your hospitality and friendship is always so so appreciated, and one of the reasons we love going back to Lough Keel.  (We’ve now clocked up over 8 weeks camping there over the last number of years – surely we get a badge for that ? ;-)

To all the other wonderful people we dealt with – on activities & other places – thanks for all.


About it for now – pic’s to follow – check back soon!



Camp 2012 Blog entry


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Hello all, as previously mentioned the old Internet/WiFi/3G signal is more than fairly poor up here on site; its 2am and the noises of the campsite have died down and calm has desensed once again as I type this entry. I arrived here last Friday evening to the site along with Richard Scriven, our Venture leader who had been here the previous weekend also, and it was a great site to behold.

Scout troops from Douglas, Passage West, Clare, Birr, Athy, Malahide and Backenstown, Dublin all on the one site. Weather has been as expected but despite the rumours we’ve suffered no damage or mass flooding during any rainy period.

In the last week the lads have taken part in Zipit, a collection of zip lines, rope bridges etc suspended several meters in the air through the trees in the Lough Key Forest Park. They’ve also been boating, using the rowing boats available on Lough Key.

They’ve been into Carrick-On-Shannon, which is only about 10 mins drive away, and no doubt that’s where all the lovely gifts for everyone at home were bought.

On Tuesday the big day trip took place to Bundoran, Co. Donegal, where we began with surfing lessons and everyone really enjoyed the day on the wild waters learning to surf  followed by the compulsory trip into the many amusement arcades in the town. We’ve been swimming in Carrick today but not before we had a great bit of fun earlier with balloons, water, and shaving foam!!!

The final campfire was held and only finished about midnight and it was a great way to end Camp 2012. We’ll be home around 17:30 tomorrow but any change to that we’ll let ye know.

As Group Leader I want to thank each and every Scout & Venture Scout for getting involved in this years camp. I want to say a massive thank you and express my gratitude to each and every leader that made this camp yet again a huge success.

I’ll forget someone so please forgive me in advance; thanks to Vickie Swanton, Peter McCarthy, Mary Scriven, Richard Scriven and Gavin Shanahan for giving up some of your free time to be here at stages over the last two weeks.

Thanks especially to Enda, Nick, Wendy and Cian for the trojan amount of work you have done these last two weeks and the many beforehand planning every aspect of this Camp. Thanks to all our leaders at home for their efforts beforehand also.

Day 8 – 19th July 2012!!


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Hi All,

Firstly – apologies.  I know you’re all looking for info – but to be honest, the internet access around here is worse than I’ve seen in any part of the country!  I’m now in a railway station car park miles away……

Anyhow – on to the better news!

Everyone is fine – and having a good time!  Today we were at the Cinema in Carrick on Shannon (and the Batman movie is actually quite good – not what I was expecting at all!!).  Earlier in the day the Scouts were fishing in the lake.  Needless to say, nobody caught anything – not even a cold!

Last night our Venture Scouts camped out on an island!  They did great – as we knew they would.  All enjoyed it and said they’d love to do it again…  but maybe not just tonight.

Our Scouts were making backwoods shelters in the forest – but won’t be able to sleep out in them unless the weather improves a fair bit.

Regarding the weather, yesterday was fairly wet, but today seems much better.  The forecast is good – if we believe everything we hear!

Keep the comments up – we’ll post back as soon as we can – and hopefully throw up a few more pictures.




Day 4 – 15th July


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Hi All,

Everything still going grand! Had a lake tour in the rain on Friday night – good weather since though.

Everyone is doing fine. Tomorrow will be a more “off site” day, but more news on that soon….

Should have more time to upload some pics then too!!

Check back soon,

All at Lough Keel.



Day 2 – 13th July 2012


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Hi All,

Quick post just to say we’re here, everyone’s having a good time….

Weather has been quite good really – much better than at home anyhow!!

Activities mostly on site up to now – but we’ll be venturing further afield soon!!!

Check back soon……

A Few Days to Go….


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Hi All,

We’re at that stage again – just a few days to go to camp!

Firstly, let’s all hope that the weather of today carries on for the next few weeks – (we can hope anyhow!)

We’ve reposted the gear list (post below this one) – please check it again.

Details for travel:

We’ll be leaving from the Scout Hall at about 9am on Thursday morning.  We’ll travel by coach to Boyle, planning to arrive at the site by early afternoon.

A few requests:

->  Can everyone please have a substantial packed lunch with them?  This will enable us to keep on the move & not worry about a main meal until Thursday evening when we’re settled in on the site.

-> Can everyone traveling please pack their own gear?!!  While this may sound like a strange request, it sometimes happens that someone at home packs the gear for the people traveling.  The end result is that they have no idea what they have with them!! Confusion abounds…. ;-)

-> We would hope, as in previous years, to blog post as often as is practical.  We do know that internet coverage in the area is poor so it may not be too easy, but keep an eye here on the website for updates.


That’s about it for now.  As ever, please give us a shout with any queries you might have.


Enda & All.

<<<<<< Gear List Update >>>>>>


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This is mostly the same list, but please….


  • Remember RainGear!!
  • Remember Bivvy Bag (available in the Scout Shop or Mahers Outdoor)
  • Remember full uniform necessary for camp
  • No Mobile Phones to be brought…..


Full & Correct Uniform – Worn traveling and at other occasions throughout the camp.


  • Hiking boots (if you have them).
  • Water bottle – At least 1 litre – Can use Coke Bottles
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Mat or Small Inflatable
  • Bivvy Bag
  • Track-ends/Leggings
  • Warm Sweater
  • T-Shirts
  • Changes of Underwear
  • Plenty of Socks
  • Warm Nightwear
  • Change of Shoes or Runners
  • Shorts & Trousers
  • Raingear – Waterproof Jacket & Trousers
  • Warm Hat & Gloves
  • Wash Gear – Toothbrush & paste, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Comb
  • Towel
  • Swimming costume & hat
  • Tea-Towel & Dish Cloth
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream & Lip save
  • Unbreakable – Cup, Plate, Bowl, Knife, Fork, Spoon
  • Torch & Spare Batteries
  • Rucksack or similar type hold all
  • Day trip bag

We would ask not to bring  anything electronic.  ( iPod’s, MP3′s, Gameboy’s, DS’s etc.)  They can easily get lost / stolen / damaged and we will not accept any responsibility for them.


Due to the nature of the activities planned, we’d recommend not bringing good / expensive clothes.


As ever, please contact us with ANY queries you might have in relation to anything…..

Camp 2012 Lough Keel, Boyle – Meetings


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Camp 2012 is almost upon us!!
It’s time that the Scouts, Ventures and Leaders going along will all start meeting on the one night.

From next Wednesday night @ 6:30pm to 8pm we’ll all start doing that! It’s time to get packing, meet each other and get to know who’s going from the 3 sections i.e. 6th Scouts, 47th Scouts and Douglas Ventures.

All those going to camp 2012 are asked to attend the meetings at this time from now on instead of your usual weekly meetings until we head off to Lough Keel Scout Campsite on July 12th. Any outstanding fees are due at this time also.

  • Gear List has already been posted: Click here to see it again
  • CAMP BANK – We have a system at camp called Camp Bank.  Basically, we mind people’s spending money & give it to them when they need it.  This helps from the perspectives of security and budgeting!  It would be best for us if this money was handed up BEFORE we go to camp as it’ll be one less thing on the day we leave!
  • TRAVEL – It is anticipated that we’ll leave from the Scout Hall at 9a.m. on Thursday 12th July.  We hope to be back at the hall at 6p.m. on Thursday 26th July.  Any changes to this – we’ll let you know.  (As ever – check this website)
  • Visting us on Camp 2012? Then click here
  • Lough Keel Scout Campsite Website

Visiting us at Summer Camp in Boyle?


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Hi All,

Just wondering if you’re planning on visiting us at Lough Key Scout Camp this summer?

If so, the location of the campsite is


Map coordinates are:  53.978393, -8.221709

Please let us know in advance if you’re calling.  We’d hate to have you travel all the way & find that we’re not on site :-)