Camp 2014 Silver Cross – The Photos!!!!


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Well after a bit of a delay, they’re here now!





Camp 2014 – It’s really all over….


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We’re home a week now and I thought at this stage I should climb out of my bed and give you a brief report on the goings on in Silver Cross Scout Campsite during our time there.

Camp 2014 was the first for the newly formed Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group and for me it has confirmed the fact that the merger is well and truly over and we’re now established as a great Scout Group based in Douglas.


This year for our travel we began by using our trusted coach hire, Michael Coughlan, to get us too and from Rosslare. We used the Stena Line Sail/Rail option which meant getting the ferry the short distance from Rosslare to Fishguard and then a train into Swansea city centre where we had a local minibus firm ready waiting to bring us to site. This worked a treat, no delays, no hassle and we have to compliment the staff of Stena Line who from the moment we booked with them were a pleasure to deal with. While we were there we had the use of the car that came with us and for most of camp we had hired a 17 seater minibus that ferried us to various destinations when needed. Days Rental in Wales came up trumps once again with their service and are also highly recommended by ourselves.

Silver Cross Scout Campsite

What can be said about Silver Cross Scout Campsite – The fact it’s the 5th time we’ve used the site says a lot; the site itself is really nice and offers plenty of space as they have slowly expanded and developed more camping areas throughout the years, plenty of facilities including showers, toilets, games areas, fire pits, storage cabins and a nightly tuc shop.

But what really makes Silver Cross for us is the staff, or Service Team, to give them their title; Under the madness and direction of head warden Andy Surey the staff could not do more for any group that visit. They are pleasant, warm and welcoming and have always given us the greatest of time while we’ve been onsite. No request was too much hassle and our scouts got to know them over the two weeks and would be coming back I’ve no doubt in years to come

Activities & Programme

The blog didn’t even get to be finished and that shows that we just didn’t have the time to complete it due to the level of activities we did while on camp for the 2 weeks. Onsite activities that we took part in were the infamous ‘SpiderLand’ assault course, archery and tomahawk trowing as well as plenty of onsite games in the evenings including time down by the river for water games and shelter building!! While offsite we had 2 very successful patrol hike days, we visited Swansea City Centre twice, went to the National Maritime Museum, The LC2 Leisure Centre, Oakwood Theme Park, Coasteering and Kayaking with Breakout Adventures in Braclet Bay and the Venture Scouts went off to Cardiff for themselves.

Most nights we had settled down in our tents by 11pm at the latest and were up and running before 9 most mornings. We still have a list of activities planned that we just did not get time to do…

Finance and Support

The cost of our 2 weeks was €500 per scout and this year finances were carefully watched but at the same time no expense was spared when it came to the well-being and enjoyment of our scouts. We didn’t break the bank, which is good news to the treasurers ears…. Have to thank leaders like Enda, Nick and Wendy who constantly kept an eye out for bargains when shopping and stopped me a few times for buying branded goods when the shop own brands were just as nice!

We must give a mention our home contact this year, Mr Don Trotter, who was kept in the loop of our goings on and only fielded one or two calls during the time we were away. Thanks the the Scout Leaders, who were unable to make this years camp, for supporting and promoting Camp 2014.

Scouts & Ventures

18 youth members in all traveled between Scouts and Venture Scouts and 18 came back, in more or less one piece, which is always a good start!

But on a serious note it was fantastic to see the 2nd, 6th and 47th Cork Scouts all mixing, especially when they had only started to meet up together as one group about 4 weeks before we headed away. It was brilliant to see the scouting spirit alive and well in all our youth members while we were away and not one person caused us grief and we never had to worry about what they were getting up to while not in our line of vision.

Scouters & Thank You

We’re especially lucky to have a great bunch of Scouters/Leaders in the Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group; Thank you to each of you who made Camp 2014 special in your own way.

Thanks to the chairmen, Enda Downey and Don Trotter; Enda for coming on camp, for bringing his fancy car and being our mini bus driver. And thanks to Don who provided us with the support needed from home.

Thanks to the leaders who came on camp. Thank you  – Nick, Wendy, Enda, Cian, Gavin, Vickie, Mark and Brian – without you we couldn’t have done what we did for two weeks and each of you played your part. The huge amount of work that went into camp planning and making it all happen is down to you all.

Thanks to the Group Council and members of our leadership team who couldn’t come on camp but supported us along the way.

And finally thanks to the parents who trusted us with their childs welfare for two weeks and supported us right throughout the year.

Thats all for now as we close out Camp 2014; We hope to have some pictures in a slid show online in the next few days but keep an eye out here for return times and days for all our sections in the next few weeks.

Yours In Scouting,

Conor Crowley
Group Leader

Camp 2014 Return Journey Update


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We’ve arrived safe and well in Rosslare and have boarded our bus.

ETA for arrival in the car park of Grange/Frankfield Church is still 2130

Camp 2014 Return Journey


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We’re on board and the sailing is in time. Still aiming to be in the car park of Grange/Frankfield Church at approx 2130

Camp 2014-Blog-Day Nine & Ten


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Tonight’s update comes from Scouts Krzysztof & Emma

Monday July 14th

Today we went on a patrol hike to Gorseinon. We got up early in the morning, packed our bags and we started heading off. Nick also asked us to find out some things about the area to which we were going, like what famous person was born there. We went at a fast pace on the way over, had our lunch at the coast, and returned to Gorseinon to go shopping. We got some sweets at Sainsbury’s and snacks at Lidl. We had some spare time at the end, so we decided to stroll to the forest to rest. We picked some wild strawberries along the way. We came back to our campsite quite hungry though.

We lit our fire and cooked our dinner. Just as we were washing up, Conor called us up to the leaders’ tent and a game of capture the flag was organised. No-one won, but it was still fun. Afterwards, we had cookies and hot chocolate before going to bed.


Tuesday July 15th

Today we got up early, packed our bags, and separated into two buses and drove out to bracelet bay. There we changed into wetsuits provided by the leaders there. We got to do a lot of fun activities such as going into caves, jumping of cliffs and kayaking. I personally couldn’t get to the next beach but all the rest did except a few of us. We stopped for lunch, and when it was all done we got Ice cream. We then changed back and got warm again.

When we got back we had some free time and got told we weren’t to cook tonight. We just thought that Wendy was going to cook for us but then we got told that Conor decided to get chipper for all of us. Pleasant surprise.
At the end we gathered all the boxes of chips and sent a picture to the leader Gavin, just to make him jealous. After all chatted with our coco and cookies. Then we went to bed


Camp 2014-Blog-Day Seven & Eight


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Tonight’s update is a combination of 6th Cork Scouts Sean & Sean

Saturday July 12th
Today the scouts woke up and had their breakfast. The group was called to fall in and was informed that they were to be sleeping out in a shelter made of natural materials. We took about an hour and a half to construct. The scouts were not permitted back onto their sites until the following morning. The weather was quite bad during the evening and during the night. We were cooking on trangias and before going into the shelter two patrols made pasta and one made rice; due to the weather the scouts weren’t allowed to sleep in the shelter because of that the scouts slept in the tents.

Sean T.

Sunday July 13th
After we got up our first activity was a game of crazy football. Mark was our referee for the game. He was biast towards the team Cian wasn’t on. After that we went down to the river for activities. One of our activities was being timed going through the river following sizel. We also had to put out candles in the river from a distance. We also made natural buckets to carry water across the river. We had to crawl through mud in a spiders web as well. Then we began building a dam in the river. It raised the water level a small bit. Then we had a scout’s own by the river. We cooked our own dinners after that. We talked for a while and went to bed.
P.S. Mark should not be a referee.

Sean P.

Camp 2014-Blog-Venture Scout 24hrs of Scouting!


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Special report by Venture Scout, Richard, on the last 24hrs

Yesterday (Saturday) the ventures and the scouts were tasked with making several small shelters to sleep in overnight, after a while toying around with a few ideas the venturers decided to build a islandic tent styled shelter by the riverside.

After deporting over 20 pallets from the pile of firewood pallets and doing some tasks based around survival we began to move into the newly built structure, now named “The Hedge”

That night all 7 of us got a bit cozy and shortly after having our usual midnight chats, leader Brian decided to come down and wake us up, with the classic “Mr Blue Sky” to tell us to get back to our tent as the rain was getting too bad.

As we headed back towards our tent we suddenly realised we were being pushed towards the waiting minibus in the darkness; and after what seemed like ages, or Enda getting lost, the ventures trying to remember where we came from, we arrived in a field and were told to get out and find a tunnel of some sorts and sleep!

The next morning after the traumas of the night before, after an unsuccessful attempt at getting Shaun to dance and a “Bird” squawking an unreasonable amount, we got up and began to walk. We asked a few of the locals where we were and bought a map and began walking back.

-skipping most of hike as not getting lost wasn’t interesting-

After butchering our legs and arriving back on site, (to a messy site because of the girls and “miss stanly” -revenge will come later:)- ) we began by telling the leaders about our abandonment and “The Bird”, when we found out the bad news that the leaders were going to be taking us out again!!!

At least this time it was for take out food and not other venture tourcher methods; now as I finish this account I hear that extra time has been called for the World Cup.


Camp 2014-Blog-Day Five & Six


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This is written by Scout Lenny and Venture Scout Laura, the Hurley siblings.

Thursday 10th July
This morning we went Air Rifle Shooting and games run by Gavin and after lunch we did a Desert Island Challenge that entailed challenges like filtering water, cracking a code, building a frog shelter, getting an egg out of an eggshell without cracking it and making bread; it was quite hard. After that we played tip the can and capture the flag. We all had a fun time and it was one of my favourite days on camp yet!


Friday 11th July
Today we had an early start and set off on the bus to Swansea. We arrived by about 10.30 and had a few hours to explore the city. We found lots of interesting shops as well as a shop where you could pay for performances by actors and singers from a menu for anything from 50p to £20. Afterwards we all met up again and went to the beach. We had lunch and then (the brave ones) went swimming in Swansea Bay. Later on in the afternoon we met up with scouts from the local group in Gorseinon and had a barbecue. They were very welcoming and we had a great evening with them walking around the woods geocaching (google it!) Overall it was a brilliant day and it was one of my favourite so far on camp.


Camp 2014-Blog-Day Three & Four


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Tonight’s blog is written by Scout, Tori, and Venture Scout, Kushal

Tuesday 8th July
We got up late because we were going to be on site for the day. We had breakfast and started our first activity. We did the most muckiest adventure course we had ever seen. It’s called SpiderLand and it was so much fun. Most people had to throw their clothes away afterwards. We were soaked to the skin!

Then we had soup for lunch and started our afternoon activity. First we had to build an object that would be creative and useful; our group did a billboard of other country’s and the other did a throne type thing for one of the scouters. We then had another patrol challenge, we had to build a higher flag pole than the other patrol. We had potatoes & sausages for dinner.

After dinner we were suppose to be playing a game altogether (2 scout patrols & Ventures) but our petrol had a surprise trip and went with a leader to a Costa Coffee Shop up the road. It was so good! When we came back we stayed up for a while talking and then went to our tents. It was a great day!


Wednesday 9th July
Well today was quite the day. It started the usual way get up, eat breakfast, etc. Then we were handed our pack lunches and sent on our way to gorse island (Gorseinon) with vague directions and iffy landmarks from Nick. All the patrols set out at around 10:40.

Firstly the Venture patrol went out and it was clear sailing and we got to Gorseinon. We explored the town saw the shops and got further directions to Llanelli town we were told to go to even though the leaders knew full well that none, not even the great ventures, would make it. This extended our journey to around 25km over the course of 7 hours. In the end we decided that it was too much effort to go to Llanelli even though we were 2 miles short. At around 6 we decided to eat and had some subway and takeout. Conor realised what happened and “rescued” us in the car.

The scouts on the other hand got to atown did some shopping and got lost in some forest and with the guidance of Krzysztof ended up climbing a 90 degree slope. That’s all I know considering I wasn’t with them.

After we got back we played “knowing me, knowing you ,aaaahhh” the raven patrol won but I personally feel that the dire wolves should’ve won because we know Shane and we had fun. We ended the day with hot chocolate and I got a s’more for doing this blog which is nice. That’s it I think. I hope.

Gavin had too much hot chocolate and and went around saying “yo yo yo” to everyone.


Camp 2014-Blog-Day One & Two


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Tonight’s blog is written by first time camper & Venture Scout Roisin.

Sunday July 6th:
Today we properly started our lives at SilverCross camp. There was an early start to the day. Lucky it was lovely and sunny today. During the morning we made our flag pole and hung up the venture flag. Shane drew it. It’s inspired by The Game of Thrones. In the afternoon we lazed about in the sun trying to get a tan. Shaun made a swing but it was very high up. Only Laura could get into it. She has skills in gymnastics. We went for a nice walk later on. I jumped into the river. It was cold but very fun. Even later after that we made our own dinner. I was fascinated by how difficult it is to make a fire. I thought it would be easy but it took us forty minutes to get the thing going. I had the job of gathering wood for the fire. Apparently it’s my best skill at camp. Before bed we played rounders which was funnier than rounders in school. Gavin (the leader) got very exited. Everyone had fun. We got to bed at half eleven but didn’t attempt to sleep until twelve.

Monday July 7th
Monday on camp was mostly brilliant. However when I got up I felt very unwell. The scout leaders were very kind. They told me to drink lots of water. I was a little dehydrated. We travelled down to Swansea. It was a very long walk. Everyone was exhausted but I feel physically strong already. Everyone will be so fit after two weeks here. Nick allowed us to take a break because I was struggling. After lunch I felt better. We stopped off at a the National Maritime Museum. I found it amazing. I read lots of information about famous welsh artists and writers. Most people would find that section boring but I was very interested. After that we explored the city a bit in groups. Me and Shaun found a shopping centre. I was determined to get a cuddly toy but instead I got a Game of Thrones poster. After the trip to the shops we when to The LC. It was so cool. There were three large water slides and a wave pool. I felt so happy. Everyone had fun. I went on all the slides. They were brilliant. We were driven home which was good because we were all tried but a very good day in general. The swimming made it!