Passport Information for Camp 2017


Posted by Enda | Posted in Camp 2017 | Posted on 18-04-2017

Hi All!

We’re a little bit early, but if you have a chance, you might give the info needed below.

If you’re wondering about the EHIC card – while it’s necessary in most EU countries (and some others), it is NOT needed for the U.K.



Camp 2017 – Important Update


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Hello everyone going on Camp 2017

We’ve been quiet about our upcoming camp for our Scouts & Ventures; there’s been a lot going on and still a lot more happening up to June in this Scouting Year but our thoughts are now primarily focusing on Camp 2017 – Gilwell Park, Chingford, London

Camp this year is costing €650 per Scout & Venture Scout; everyone who is going has paid their deposits and some people have paid installments as the weeks have been going along. We now require further funds to be paid up please as we are booking activities and have costs against the group.

By Monday 30th of April all those going should have paid up €500 with the final €150 due by the Wednesday 31st of May

If you’ve any issues please contact your Scout or Venture Scout leader at the next weekly meeting or by email.

Payments should where possible be made through the Easypaymentsplus system to allow instant receipts to be issued and ensure up to date funds are accounted for.

Camp 2017… 14 weeks to go!

Yours In Scouting, on behalf of the leadership team,

Conor Crowley
Group Leader – Douglas & St. FinBarres Scout Group

Destination for Camp 2017



Flights are now booked!!


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Hi All,

Flights for Gilwell 2017 have now been booked!

All will be revealed at a later date, but for now, all you need to know is that we’ll be leaving early on Sat 1st July and will be back again on the evening of Sat 15th July.

While the camp bookings are now “closed”, we will still accept people onto the list for a short while more, but IF THE FLIGHTS HAVE GONE UP IN PRICE, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE INCREASE.

To be honest, we don’t expect them to go up too much, but you never know!!


Any questions, just get back to us!!!



Camp 2017 Deposits due


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A few weeks ago we announced Camp 2017 will be to Gilwell in July 2017

Deposits of €100 are now due to be paid this week to confirm your place

Easypayments system has been updated to allow you pay the deposit and subsequent payment as of this morning. Thanks for your patience, looking forward to seeing a great number coming on Camp 2017


Conor Crowley

Group Leader

Camp 2017 Information Meeting


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Calling all our Scouts, Venture Scouts & their parents to our information meeting for summer Camp 2017

20:00hrs in the John Slye Scout Hall on Wednesday 23rd of November

Camp 2017 Announced


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Just announced tonight was the location of Camp 2017 for our Scouts & Venture Crew

Camp 2017 for our Scouts & Venture Crew will be to GILWELL PARK SCOUT ADVENTURE CENTRE in Chingford, London

Further details will be presented to all Scouts, Ventures and their parents shortly… watch this space…

Camp 2017


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Can you believe it…. We’re about to launch Camp 2017!

Following a hugely successful summer camp in 2016 we’ve wasted no time in preparing for Camp 2017.

The leadership team has sat down and looked at a number of options. While we haven’t finalised anything yet we can say it’s looking like the UK is our destination for Camp 2017

We are conscious that cost is a factor for a lot of families so this was taken into account as we’d love to break the numbers barrier from last year.

We had to limit the numbers for 2016 due to taking our own bus but this year it’s a case of the more the merrier! The more we have going, the less the cost is on the group.

Anyone who’s been on camp over the last few years will know the benefits of having a good number of Scouts and Venture Scouts going to camp: More People means a wider variety of activities to get involved with, more people means more chance to meet new Scouting friends and more people means a larger site with even more places and things to discover!

So for now… here’s what we know:
Possible/Probable Dates: 1st fortnight in July
Open too: Scouts & Venture Scouts
Next Steps: Register your interest with your section leader at your next meeting

More details very very soon!