47th Scout events ’til summer ’18


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  • 25th – Hike

  • 2-4th – County Spraoi Camp in Mellary Cost €60
  • 4th – Hubert Training – fee if any TBC
  • 11th – Hike – Cost €5
  • 17th – St Patricks’ Day Cake Sale
  • 25th – Hubert Training – fee if any TBC

  • 8th – Hike – Cost €5
  • 14-15 or 21-22 – Hubert Training overnight – fee if any TBC
  • 28th – Camp Overnight + Hike Cost €10

  • 11 – 13 – County Shield / Hubert – Cost covered by the Group.
  • 27th – Campsite construction training – fee if any TBC

  • 3rd – Hike – Cost €5
  • 17th – Campsite construction training – fee if any TBC

  • 15th – Campsite construction training – fee if any TBC
  • 22nd – Campsite construction training – fee if any TBC
  • 25/Jul – 02/Aug – Jambori – Fee €395 by instalment

Additional hikes and activities over the summer
If there is an interest from the section we will organise additional hikes and events over the summer period.

Day hikes with other sections

In some instances, a leader from the 47th may be helping out with another sections hike(s) and vice versa. If there is space on other hikes places will be on a first come / first serviced basis. They’d be a great opportunity for our scouts to clock up extra experience on the hills. This is particularly important for Scouts who aim to work on Stage 6 Hillwalking where a minimum of 12 hikes must be logged and likewise with Stage 7 where 30 hikes must be logged.

Scouting Ireland (SI) organised events:

Mountain events organised by SI include the MPC’s and Sionnachs, they typically involve 1 leader and 3 or 4 scouts undertaking an overnight hike based in one or two different wild campsites i.e. camp in the mountains. There are typically between 15 and 20 teams of Scouts from around the country on the events. They are not competitions but challenge style events where scouts must be self sufficient in a mountain environment under the supervision of the leader and the event staff.  The cost of the events is €50 which includes the event fee, food (chipper on the way home :) and transport for the weekend in question. In the event that Scouts bring their own food or are making their own way to the event the cost shall be adjusted accordingly.


Minimum age of 13 and at least one year in Scouts plus at least 2 No. strenuous hikes in the previous year. More information available on www.sionnach.org

Mountain Pursuit Challenge – MPC

Minimum age of 14 and at least two years in Scouts 2 plus at least 2 No. strenuous hikes in the previous year. More information available on www.mpcteam.ie

Scout Survivor

Scout Survivor is a Backwoods event where Scouts have to be self-sufficient and Bivi out in a natural shelter in the woods for two nights. Scout should have slept in a Bivi for a minimum of one night if they wish to attend Survivor.

County Shield

The Scout County Shield is a county Challenge event where Scouts get to pit their Scouting Knowledge and Skills against other Scouts from around the County. After many years in the wilderness DSF Scouts have finally come in from the cold with Patrols achieving a Gold Standard (highest standard achievable) in the last two years and a particularly successful year last year saw the two patrols placing 3rd and 4th, the highest placing in living memory.

County Spraoi

The county Spraoi is a fun event where scouts get to meet up and get to know other Scouts in the county in a relaxed environment, there is a mixture of games and scouting skill bases but the main aim of the weekend is to allow Scout to get to know other Scouts in the County.

Summer Camp – JamboRí 2018


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JamboRí18… JamboRí, the place to be!

Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois 25th July to 2nd August 2018

On 25th July 2018, more than 5000 Scouts and Scouters will descend upon Stradbally, Co. Laois to create a city buzzing with Scouting Activity.

Douglas Scout Sections are registered to take part, numbers are limited and a deposit option is now available on Easypaymentsplus.com to secure your place. The total cost will be €395 and will include all your food, programme activities, Official JamboRí badge & Neckerchief and travel.

Check out the information pack that has been given to your section leaders and speak with your Scout Leader today.

Scout Hall sleepover


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Only For Scout Sections

Cost: €10

Event: Hall Sleepover

Date: Friday 15th December

Time: from 7.30pm

Finish: Saturday 11am.

Plan –


Friday Night:
Leave gear in the Scout Hall between 7.30pm and 7.45pm.

Meet at Harty’s Quay (opposite Rochestown Inn) at 8pm.

Mystery walk from quay back to the hall where they’ll have pizzas, hot chocolate, treats and games.

If your scout plays a musical instrument they are very welcome to bring it along.

Saturday morning:
Breakfast in the hall and from 9am in conjunction with DTT committee we have a community Good Deed event planned for all sections in the group – Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Ventures.

  • Gear Needed

  • Necker
  • Uniform
  • Christmas hat or antlers.
  • Rain gear – Coat & water proof pull-ups
  • Walking boots
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Torch & spare batteries.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground mat
  • Pillow
  • Indoor shoes
  • PJs or warm comfy trackie & top
  • Tooth brush / paste
  • Towel
  • Plate / Bowl / Cup / Spoon / Knife / Fork
  • Patrol Leaders & Assistant Patrol Leaders

  • Bring small plastic bag
  • Bring small note book and pen.
Douglas & St Fin Barres’ Scout Group and leaders will not take responsibility for any lost or damaged electronic devices brought on hikes or outings by members.

Sunday 19th Nov’ Scout Investiture Hike


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Cost: €5

Date: Sunday 19th November

Location: Gougane Barra

Finish Time: 4.30pm approx

Meet: Frankfield RC Church carpark @ 8am. Bus departs @ 8.15am

It’s important that all our scouts attend as our enlarged group has a special connection with the location. It’s both the head waters of the River Lee and where St Finbarr, patron saint of Cork City, founded a monastery before founding another one at the mouth of the Lee which directly led to the founding of Cork City.

Depending on conditions we may have the investiture ceremony during the hike or immediately after.

At the end we will have some cooked food for our scouts and some sections are planning badge giving.

What scouts must bring:

  • Necker
  • Rucksack / knapsack
  • Hiking boots + thick socks
  • Warm clothes
  • Rain jacket
  • Waterproof pull ups
  • Gaiters (if they have them)
  • Healthy lunch snack + (tayto crisps and/or banana)
  • Water (2 x ½ litre bottles minimum)
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Whistle
  • Torch + extra batteries
  • Personal 1st aid kit
  • Bivvy or large plastic bin bag.
  • Fork + plate or small bowl
  • Change of clothes just in case (can be left on the bus)
Douglas & St Fin Barres’ Scout Group and leaders will not take responsibility for any
lost or damaged electronic devices brought on the hikes or outings by members.

47th Scouts activities over coming months.


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Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be concentrating on improving scouting skills to help make your Scouter more self reliant.

Of course it’s very important that they also have the obligatory fun and games thrown in for good measure. So, in conjunction with the other scout sections we’ll also work on some  fun adventure skill badge activities, such as visiting the Air Activity centre in Shannon and kayaking.

As part of their learning new skills for badge work, from time to time we may have small projects for them to complete at home. These won’t be time consuming, but, will aid their personal development in various areas.

Here’s a list of the activities they’ll be attending over the coming months.

Date Event
06/10/2017 Parent Info Night
08/10/2017 Family Quiz R.P.H
14/10/2017 Mangerton Hike Killarney – Navigation + Compass work + Cookup – Cost €5
27/10/2017 School Break / Bank Holiday No Meeting
03/11/2017 Regular meeting
10/11/2017 Cancelled Spraoi Mt Meleray
19/11/2017  Investiture + hike with the 2nd & 6th Scout sections – Gougane Barra
06/11/2017 Gift Giving – Full Uniform / Black Shoes / Black Socks Hosted by Doyle Rd Group
15/11/2017 Hall Overnight & social event with all scout sections – Cost €10
12/01/2018 1st meeting of New Year – Full Uniform
13/01/2018 Overnight Camp with 2nd Scouts – Cost etc TBC
20/01/2018 Hike with the 6th Scout section – Cost etc TBC
26/01/2018 Mt Melleray Group weekend – Cost €60
23/02/2018 County Spraoi weekend – Cost TBC
17/03/2018 St Patricks Day – Flag Colour Party & Cake sale
Apr-2018 Expedition – Date, Location and activity TBC
11/05/2018 County Shield – (3 days 2 nights) Location and Cost TBC
End July 18 Scout Camp – Stradbally (7 days) €50 deposit now due.
Note: Our outdoor activity locations and dates are subject to change depending on weather.

You’ve probably read about our other scout sections attending various scouting challenges (Sionnach, Scout Survivor and MPCs). These are great events where scouts can apply all of the skills they’ve learned while also getting an opportunity to meet and mix with scouts from all over the country. It would be great if our 47th Scouts could attend these, but, unfortunately due to the age profile at the moment the majority are not eligible. At our next meeting we will speak with the scouts that are eligible

Finally, it’s very important that we have a registration / permissions form on file for your scout. If you’ve not completed one yet, we’d appreciate if you’d drop into our next meeting and complete one for us.

47th Scouts visiting Currabinny Woods


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Date: Sunday 10th Sept

Time  Start: 10.15      Finish: 3.15

Cost: € Zero

Location: Currabinny Woods

Directions: http://www.corko.net/calendar/currabinnynap-woods

Weather forecast: OK

Activities: Multiple

Scout must bring:

Necker (cub neckers are fine)
Small knapsack / day pack
Rain gear – Coat and Pull-ups
Warm top or hoody
Walking boots or walking shoes (NOT trainers)
Packed lunch and plenty of water.

If they have the following, do bring them..
Orange bivvi/survival bag, or a large strong plastic refuse sack
Torch / Spare batteries

Douglas Scout Group and Leaders will not be responsible for any tech devices if damaged or lost so best not to bring any.

Weekly Section Meetings Return – Scouts


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Our Scouts (12 – 15 yr olds) are back in action: All our Scout Troops are full and so are unable to take new members

  • 2nd Cork Scouts
    Back on Tuesday September 19th at 19:00
    Scouter: Evan Causer evancauser@douglasscouts.ie
  • 6th Cork Scouts
    Back on Wednesday September 5th at 18:00
    Scouter: Kevin O’Connor kevinoconnor@douglasscouts.ie
  • 47th Cork Scouts
    Back on Friday September 1st at 19:30
    Scouter: Andrew Breslin andrewbreslin@douglasscouts.ie

47th Scouts back this Friday @ 7.30pm


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The 47th Scout section are starting back at their usual time slot of 7.30pm this Friday, in the scout hall. Full scout uniform is required, but cubs moving up can wear their cub uniform while they settle in.

To help keep all parents informed of events, we’ve setup a WhatsApp group for the section. We’ll also post info on FB, so please do keep an eye on both for updates.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be covering 1st Aid, Trangia Cooking, Navigation, Rucksack packing, Shelter building and Pioneering.

We’re also planning outdoor events that include a visit to Currabinny woods, walks/hikes, an overnight in the Fota Scout Centre, in the house. There’s also a county event at the end of October. Full details of all activities to follow. Of course the popular culture nights will continue.

Also note that our group registration night is taking place this Sunday between 7 – 8pm in the scout hall. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

Consent Form 2017


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Hi all,
You can download a consent form that needs to be filled out for every youth member and handed back to their Leader immediately.

Consent Form 2017

You can fill it in and print it off yourself and bring it down to the next meeting.

Camp 2017 – The full report


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The daily blog didn’t take off as planned this year, three days in and it was abandoned. There was so much going on it just got left behind. Here’s the full report of daily life on Camp 2017. This report, along with a few pictures, will be published in the Evening Echo Scout notes next week.

42 youth members comprising of 24 Scouts and 18 Venture Scouts took part in the 2 week camping experience from July 1st to July 15th

Day one on camp was a early start with the first flight departing at 06:25 on the short flight from Cork to Stansted. From there a bus was arranged to bring us the journey of approx 45 minutes to the site itself. We got down to business straight away and started to build site, put up the tents and get ourselves sorted. The first day onsite was very warm and the early start showed so it was an early night for some. One of our Scouters, Enda Downey, led everyone on a walking tour of the site, having camped there a number of times before.

Our second day included a short hike into Chingford town so that the youth members could get some goodies and then activities onsite on day one were the Ariel Trek for the Scouts and the 3G Swing for the Venture Crew. That evening the Venture Crew went for a hike into the Epping Forest while the Scouts played onsite wide games. Day three for the Scouts was taking part in Frisbee Golf, skittles and bowels while the Venture Crew did a large pioneering project with our Rover Scouts for the site gate. That evening we headed into the forest for backwoods cooking and shelter building and made shelters to bivvy out in that night.

Day four brought the first of our Patrol Hikes. The 5 Patrols (2 Venture and 3 Scout) were given various locations to hike to and they went to visit Loughton, Waltham Abbey, Buckhurst Hill and Enfield. Some of the directions were described as ‘suspect’ but everyone arrived where they should have eventually! Day five on camp was onsite Gilwell activities again which were Bouldering and Jacobs Ladder for the Scouts while the Venture Crew were given Task Master challenges by the Scouters to complete followed by Freefall and Crate Staking activities in the evening

The first of two trips to London started on day six, we all travelled together by Tube into South Kensington and into the London Science Museum. While we queued we realised we weren’t the only Irish Scouts there but were joined by the 112th Dublin Knocklyon who were also on their summer camp. Our youth members spent most of the day in the Science Museum and took part in WonderLab which is an interactive gallery with cutting edge exhibits. A shorter visit to the Natural History Museum followed before we made our way back to site via the Tube and overground train.

Day 7 brought the first week to an end with a lazy day onsite, we all headed to Chingford Leisure Centre for a cool down in the pool. That evening our Scouts and some Scouters headed off North by minibus and car where they’d spend two nights in Abington Woods Outdoor Educational Centre up near Cambridge. Our Venture Crew and some Scouters remained onsite to take part in Gilwell 24 – a 24 hour activity experience for Scouts aged 15 to 18. While spending the weekend in Abington our Scouts were treated to a day trip to the fantastic Flying Legends Airshow at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford Airfield. It was incredible to see the aerobatic displays of the old war planes. The second night in Abington Woods ended with a takeaway treat after a brilliant Scout led campfire.

Day 10 was another scorcher of a day. The Scouts & Venture Crew took part in Desert Island Challenges during the morning then the Venture Crew went Bouldering onsite in Gilwell while the Scouts took part in Freefall and Tomahawk Throwing. Day 10 was also the day we had new neighbours onsite, the 29th Dublin, Blackrock arrived and we made new Scouting Friends.

Day 11 was the second day trip and the most exciting and jam packed on camp. We took in Covent Garden Market, Leicester Square for a visit to the Lego and M&M Store, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Regent Street and a visit to Hamleys Toy Store. By the time we got back to site the first and only rainny night on camp began so we splashed out and bought take away from a local in Chingford and relaxed. Day 12 was the second round of Patrol Hikes to the local towns of Loughton, Waltham Abbey and Enfield.

Day 13 everyone climbed onboard a coach and we spent the day in Chessington World of Adventure Theme Park & Resort. A huge hit with everyone. The final full day (day 14) on camp was with regret as we had to break site, took down our tents and moved to temporary tents onsite for the final night. The last night on camp ended with an epic campfire, lasting two and a half hours. Song after song after song from Scouters, Ventures and Scouts. It was brilliant.

The flight home on Day 15 had us back in Cork for just after 1:30 in the afternoon.

This years Camp wouldn’t have been as much of an experience without the incredible and legendary youth members that went along. The leadership team thank them all for their Scouting spirit and their parents should be really proud.