Waiting List & New Members

We’re really sorry, but we’ve had to close our waiting lists….

At the moment, we’re in the highly unenviable position of having 200+ names on our waiting list.  We will do our very best to accommodate some of those – but it looks like there are some that right now we might never be able to offer a place in scouting to.

While it’s great to see the number of people interested in getting involved in Scouting – it’s heartbreaking for us!  We really really do not want to have that many people interested in joining us – and not be able to welcome them.

For the people already on our waiting list, we will TRY to get you a place – but cannot guarantee same.

Unfortunately, at this point, for anyone not on the list, we have no option but to close the list and not accept new names on to it.


Going forward….

We are checking with the local existing Scout Groups to see if they have vacancies in their groups.  Any that do, we’ll ask them if we can post their contact info here – so please check back soon.

Secondly, we’re working with Scouting Ireland to look into the option of getting a new group setup – with the plan to accommodate those on our list & others.  This will, obviously, not be a very quick process – but we’ll help in any way we can.  If you’d like to help as an adult volunteer in this possible new group – get in touch!


Check back soon for further info.