Venture Scouts

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It’s hard to explain what Venture Scouts is all about! This is because as a Venture Scout you could end up doing almost anything- Imagination is your only limit! You can challenge yourself, try new things, acheive your goals and most importantly have a laugh with a group of like minded people…

We focus on challenges & expeditions as well as personal identity. In Venture Scouts, we’re experts at being experts! Think of us like commandos. We plan our own activities (with a little help from the leaders) and basically do our own thing. That can be anything from planning weekends away to hikes to learning survival skills and backwoodsmanship. As well as that, we participate in national events in things like mountaineering, scout skills, and even help direct where Scouting Ireland is going. In other words, we say what we want to do and we do it!

And of course, there’s our annual camp where we go off for 2 weeks of adventure, plus lots of other events such as Ventact throughout the year.

Meeting Day & Time
Wednesday: 20:00 – 21:00

Age Range
15, 16 & 17 years of age

Boys and Girls

Contact Details

For more information, contact Richard Scriven –